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NCARE Administrative Offices have moved,to Las Vegas.  All telephone numbers, emails, and fax numbers remain the same.

 NCARE’S mission is to never start a facility or program until it is “right for the child.”  If NCARE cannot reach our level of commitment and excellence at any program, it simply will not be opened until it does meet our highest standards.

NCARE is an out-of-the box facility which does not fit into a “typical” mold in which cities can understand or comprehend.

Reticence of parents to fight to get their children placed outside the public school system has also been an issue. Parents must hire advocates, psychologists, and attorneys to have their child placed appropriately. This costs the already over-burdened parents not only money, but time  which the parents of autistic individuals already have so little to spare.  The last thing NCARE desires is to place a greater burden on the family to have to fight for what they already deserve.

The concept of “it’s for the kids” has gotten lost to some extent. However, NCARE will continue to press on for the kids!



NCARE is proud to announce that it will be making Las Vegas, Nevada its Research and Operational Headquarters. After months of meetings with dignitaries from large cities throughout the country, Las Vegas, Nevada was selected due to personal conversations with Mayor Goodman of Las Vegas and their desire to provide services to the Autism community. Instrumental in putting these critical meetings together was the Nevada Development Association (NDA). The selection of Las Vegas, Nevada made perfect sense. This is a vibrant city with much more than just gaming. Many incredible medical institutes are moving here to do creative research and treatment in a can-do environment. NCARE hopes to partner and be central to this synergy.

NCARE intends to have a facility of approximately 120,000 square feet for its Behavioral Science and Educational programs. NCARE hopes to make this a “world-wide destination” for Autistic individuals as well as  a resource for those who reside in the state of Nevada.

NCARE will also set up its Scientific Research Component in a separate facility in the new downtown Las Vegas Research Center which is currently being negotiated.



The National Center for Autism Research and Education is proud to announce that it has secured a “magnificent” facility in Kansas.

We welcome you the home of the National Center for Autism Research and Education (NCARE). Our program contains three distinct components that are both unique and cutting-edge in the field of Autism. Located at the same facility will be a state-of-the-art Educational program working in conjunction with a hybrid Research and Development Component and Family Services Center.

NCARE is a non-public, not-for-profit research and educational institution whose programs are designed to meet the needs of students with autism.

NCARE’s unique educational format will provide different classes for children with varying degrees of autism; the opportunity for partial or full inclusion for the students makes NCARE a truly unique program. The students will experience an age appropriate academic curriculum, a vocational and independent life skills program and have access to a truly unique state-of-the art sensory development facility. NCARE will address each students specific needs with state mandated IEP’s, seek to encourage positive independent behaviors all while providing and atmosphere that is both loving and supportive, equally intense and productive.

NCARE’s Research and Development Component will pave the way for advancements and knowledge of Autism through various methods of Medical and Scientific Research and Development. These methods of Research and Development will be extensive and not be limited by the norms of the past. They will include both but not be limited to Behavioral Research and Gene Therapy. In other words we will go where the Research and Technology leads us.

The Family Services center will provide services for the entire family.  From couples counseling to sibling groups, NCARE aims to benefit the whole family and not just some of its parts.  This along with a cutting edge education and new research findings allow for a unique program unlike any other in the area!

The National Center for Autism Research and Education is a one of a kind facility which will shape the landscape of future facilities throughout the United States in the field of Educational Research.

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